Moon Palace (Paul Auster)



  • reliable, trustable, devoted, vulnerable
  • brilliant, hard working, conscientious
  • serious, thoughtful
  • lonely and alone, inhibited
  • generous (his finances are not so solid, wants nothing in return from Fogg)
  • modest


  • small
  • curly black hair
  • contained upright posture
  • metal ringed glasses
  • growing a beard
    -> looks like a young rabbi(t)


  • studies comparative literature at Columbia, has a scholarship
  • writing strange poetry is important to him
  • passion for obscure and forgotten books
  • was just left by his girlfriend (looks everyday for letters from her)
  • best friend of Fogg
  • Fogg lives with him in his apartment for over a month
  • makes Fogg talk to Kitty Wu
  • later he has a family

Additional Facts

  • Auster also wrote a novel called “The Book of Illusions” about Zimmer which describes his later life