Moon Palace (Paul Auster)

Phileas Fogg

One of Marco’s different identities is the one of an adventurer. His last name Fogg links him to the adventurer Phileas Fogg, the protagonist of Jules Verne’s novel “Around the world in eighty days”. Phileas Fogg risks his whole existence in a bet, that he is able to do this journey. Jules Verne’s novel is today known, as one of the classic adventures. This role of the great adventurer is the significant parallel to Marco’s fate. His name Fogg connects this adventurer role as a kind of predestination to him.

Phileas Fogg was a very rich man but he was not afraid of risking (and eventually loosing) everything for his dream, for his adventure. Similar to this Marco consider money and property as unimportant if you are not sure about your identity, your fate and your role.

Marco gets confrontated with his adventurer-role, when his uncle Victor took him to th cinema and Marco saw „Around the world in eighty days” for the first time. This is the Moment, when is brandmarked as an adventurerer.Its definitly an adventurer to find your own identity and your position in the world. And perhaps this adventure means a quest that never ends. But Marco and indeed Phileas Fogg, are brave enough to do this quest without a garanty of succes.