Moon Palace (Paul Auster)

Kitty Wu

name: Kitty Wu
(=young woman)
place of birth: Taiwan
time of birth: 1950
parents : father:
Chinese Kuomintang general
mother: father’s second concubine
education: at the age
of 14: sent to a boarding school
(Fielding Academy, Massachusetts)
later: ballet school of Juilliard, New York
career as a dancer –> central importance to her
properties: warm hearted
always in good spirits
open to everyone
partly playfully – partly seriously
behaves very naturally
without any embarrassment
good humour
gets along well with other people
very ambitious
appearance: beautiful
no makeup
no bra
silver bracelets on both wrists
beaded Navaho band around the head
dresses extraordinary and attractive
wears clothes that positively emphasize the shape of her body
relationship to
falls in
love with him at first sight
kisses Marco good – bye when he leaves
the party
immediate mutual understanding
much alike
being almost two parts of a whole
both wearing the same shirt
seem as twins by the party guests
both similar kind of childhood
she waited a long time for Marco’s declaration of love
enjoy the physical love
gets pregnant — >abortion — > suffers from this decision
begging Marco on her knees not to leave her
misses him while he is away
when Marco wants to return to her it is to late
–> new relationship
living with Marco: small household
in a loft
does not want to live on Marco’s money — > taking up a job (
in her free time )

“Had Uncle Victor lived to meet her, I’m sure he would have
appreciated the fact that Marco, in his own small way, had at last set
foot in China”