Moon Palace (Paul Auster)


He was Marco’s uncle and also his only living relative that is why he was so closely connected to him. Victor played for Marco the role as a father figure when Marco was a child, but later he refused to play the role of a real father.
He earned his life as a musician and loved to play the clarinet. His most important characteristic is the restlessness. He had many things he was in favour of (for example reading books, music or watching baseball) but he couldn’t enjoy them, because everytime he started doing one thing he always wanted to do the following.
He was no victorious man in the contrary he had to face many problems during his life. He suffered from the same money problems as Marco for example. In spite of his problems he kept his funnyness till the end as some kind of a gallows-humor. It is hard to tell weather Victor was a happy person or not.
Victor was highly educated that’s for sure. He had a big knowledge from the books he had read (some 1500) and after his death he handed them down to Marco as his last gift.
Victor and Marco had many things in common.
First of all they liked the same baseball team (the Chicago Cubs). Both of them liked to think about the world and to find connections between facts, they had the same thinking-structures.
They were both closely connected to the Moon. Victor’s most famous band was called “the Moon Men” and for Marco the moon is the most important symbol in his life.
Due to the fact that they had the same money problems they both had to go threw the same development that everything is getting worse and worse in their lifes.
Victor’s biggest mistake in his life was to marry Dora Shamsky. This woman brought him out of his normal lifelstyle and was the reason that everything in Victor’s life started to getting worse and worse. This process leaded Victor to be a salesman (and no longer a musician) and die later on a heart-attack. He divorced her much to late. Dora was a born “Katz” – cats are no friends of birds and Foggs.
Victor did never look for help whenever he got in trouble. And it’s possible that that characterisitc is the reason for his death – Marco wanted to help him but he refused. But as Vitctor died he had packed his things and wanted to come to New York to accept Marco’s help. He was found ready to leave his apartment.
In his opionion “Every man is the author of his own life” – He wrote his novel about his life but Marco Stanley Fogg, who often called himself “manuscript” referring to his initials M.S. – did only start it in this times.